Neil Coleman

Neil’s career started in IBM as a Business Consultant in London, followed by a six year career at Google, where he held a range of sales management and general management positions in the US, Asia and Europe. He went on to become Managing Director at AdRoll NYC and Vice President of U.S. Strategic Sales where he built and led a 60+ person U.S. major accounts team across NYC and San Francisco offices. Following just shy of three years at AdRoll, Neil became a Director at Snapchat, where he led the Agency, QSR and Politics businesses along with launching Snapchat international offices, including Canada and Australia. In his spare time Neil is coaching soccer to kids aged 7 to 77, that is, when he’s not running marathons!

Patrick Rhatigan

Patrick started his career in the U.S. by becoming the Head of Growth for an AdTech platform, plzADvize, seeing the platform to over $3M in transactions within five months of launch. He went on to found N.T.R. Consulting where he built custom high performance inside sales and business development engines for a wide array of companies. Utilizing their own proprietary technology stack, N.T.R. Consulting helped clients significantly increase overall meeting rate, accelerate pipeline growth, shorten sales cycle and exceed revenue goals. When he’s not working on the next 10G service launch, Patrick enjoys running (not marathons, he leaves that to Neil) and playing the guitar.

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